Flexible partial Dentures

A flexible partial denture made from lightweight and robust nylon resistant to breakage. These partials adapt well to the constant movements in your mouth and look very natural. We create custom partials that fit your mouth beautifully.

If your remaining teeth are decayed or damaged beyond repair, in most cases,  Dr. Whalen can perform all needed extractions and provide you with a brand-new set of dentures on the same day. After an initial exam and treatment planning, Dr. Whalen will fabricate custom temporary dentures that are ready for you to wear as soon as your teeth are extracted. Your temporary dentures will be comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

On the day of your procedure, Dr. Whalen will gently extract your teeth and place your temporary dentures. When the extraction sites have healed, Dr. Whalen will check your temporaries for fit and comfort and make any needed adjustments before designing your permanent dentures. Your custom, permanent dentures will look very natural and aesthetic, sit comfortably in your mouth, and provide excellent bite alignment.

In collaboration with our highly trained lab technician, Dr. Whalen fabricates dentures that are not bulky or uncomfortable and have a very natural appearance. He will also consider the design to be supported by dental implants in the future, should you ever choose to stabilize your dentures further and enjoy increased chewing power.

partial dentures
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Full Dentures

Complete or Full Dentures are made to replace all missing teeth in an arch. They are generally fabricated after all your teeth are removed and the tissues have healed. Healing can take upwards of 3 months. In some cases, Dr. Whalen may recommend an immediate denture for you to wear during the healing process. Once the healing is completed, a new complete denture can be made.

Conventional complete dentures can be taken in and out as needed.

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