Ageless Dentistry

The power of a great smile is magial

Many people do not realize the impact a stained, yellow, or narrow smile, broken or worn down teeth can have on their appearance. Everybody wants to look younger and healthier, but not everyone wants to go through the ordeal of facelift surgery. Now with technological advances in the field of dentistry, we can perform non-surgical facelifts – a new procedure that provides a facelift effect without the hassle. This is done simply and painlessly by restoring the teeth in a healthy, physiologic position. Guess what? Everyone is a candidate.

This approach provides dramatic results that can be obtained through teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, crowns, and dental implants to replace cracked, crooked, and worn down teeth. These methods and more are utilized by Dr. Whalen to give his patients the youth-restoring benefits of Ageless Dentistry.

Almost everyone has one or two teeth that are imperfect, but what people see is the smile when viewed as a whole. Teeth that are yellow or brown, worn down, or crooked pull attention to your teeth and can instantly add 5 - 10 years to your appearance. The lips and mouth are fully supported by the underlying teeth and jaw, and as a person ages, this foundation becomes even more important. We have had many patients say that others think they are much older than they really are because of their chipped, broken-down or severely worn teeth, or lack of fullness of the smile.

A non-surgical facelift approach can be performed with natural teeth, hybrid dentures, implant teeth or no teeth at all, in a fraction of the time you can heal from a facelift surgery. This effect can even be performed with orthodontics for the most conservative result!

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