Botox and fillers

Do you have a “gummy” smile? Or are you suffering from pain related to headaches, TMJ disorder, jaw clenching, and/or teeth grinding? If you answered yes to any of the above, Botox or fillers may be the answer.

While Botox is most commonly known for its cosmetic uses, such as smoothing facial wrinkles, the formulation was originally intended as a muscle relaxer for medical purposes. When administered in smaller dosages, it has clinical applications to treat TMJ, teeth grinding, and chronic TMJ and facial pain. Botox can also be used to complement aesthetic dentistry and is a minimally invasive alternative to surgically treating a high lip line, for patients having trouble adjusting to new dentures, lip augmentation, and in orthodontic cases where it is necessary to retrain facial muscles. In the dental office, Botox can be used to relieve painful conditions triggered by jaw muscles.

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Benefits of Botox

As a therapeutic treatment, Botox can play an integral role in dental implant surgery and TMJ treatments. The most common benefit is the reduction of tooth clenching. It also helps reduce damage and lessen discomfort to teeth, the jaw, and gums. Other benefits can include the reduction or even elimination of tension headaches, migraines, and the disappearance of facial wrinkles.

What can I Expect After Treatment?

Muscle pain and tenderness should start to diminish within 24- 48 hours after the injections. Patients may continue to see wrinkles diminish up to 10- 14 days after the procedure. There may be some mild temporary bruising, numbness, or redness around the injection site. The procedure is non-surgical and non-invasive so patients can expect to return to normal activities almost immediately. However, patients should not rub or massage the area injected and remain upright for many hours. Patients should also refrain from physical activity for a limited time as directed by the doctor. These treatments can be done at your regularly scheduled re-care appointment!

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